More Videos

Okay, I’ve got more videos uploaded. These are kind of long, but they do have some fun moments. When the construction is finished I will edit them down into a single video that is better quality, but for now this gives you a sense of what is happening and how long it is taking.

Some background on the method: The hardware used is a GoPro camera (purchased from ReadyMade RC) that is being controlled by an Arduino to power it and trigger it to take a picture approximately every 5 minutes. So far the setup has been running continuously for 2 months. The camera is positioned on top of the silo looking to the southwest. Because the camera has a wide angle zoom the existing dairy barn is visible to the far left of the screen. Watch for the lights blinking there and you can tell when Alan is milking. Enjoy!


Let the Blogging Begin!

This is the first post on Alan’s blog about the farm. I set this page up mostly for Alan to be able to post updates on the construction project for the new dairy facility. We’ll try to put up lots of pictures and links to videos that are being taken throughout the process. I am going to be administering the page because I do that sort of thing, but most of the content will come from Alan himself. Eventually this page will have more than just construction information, but that’s where we’re starting for now. Enjoy!