Farm History

The history of our farm starts in 1890, when my Great-great Grandfather, George Hogue moved to Adams township in Muskingum county, Ohio and purchased the first parcel. Over the years successive generations have expanded the farm by purchasing adjacent land and building new structures. In the first half of the 20th century the farm specialized on dairy and has been a functioning dairy farm ever since. In 2010 Alan began the process of researching and designing a new dairy facility that will be a complete paradigm shift in the way milking has been done for over 60 years. The new facility will feature state of the art milking robots that will milk the cows automatically, continuously. This system will let Alan spend more time managing the herd and give him the information he needs to makes the best decisions. He will be able to grow the size of the herd while increasing production and provide a healthier environment for the animals. This new facility is going to position the farm to be a cutting edge dairy able to keep pace with the rapidly changing world.

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